Reffering URLs, Referer as SPAM on Blogger/Wordpress and Website

Here's the possible spam urls on my website/blogs. How many times SPAM visit your website/blogs?

Screenshot of a SPAM urls below:

If you incounter this, it is normal that eventually we find certain addresses referenced in our blogs pretending to be shared twits because they have the in the address or a great constancy for see our blog; important thing is that when we see them, not explore the URL for not having problems of safety in our PC.

example this link got a 95 views on my blogs.

Of course it is also very important to have a good antivirus and the operating system and browsers updated.

globalsearch page not found

Here are some addresses that will surely appear in the blogs in the referring URL, referred spam. - New - New

To check the health of the code of our Blogger site and see if you have malicious code, we go to the Webmaster Tools to [Home] >> [Your site] >> [Control Panel] >> [Health] >> [Malicious software] and we when accessing to this option, Google evaluates our site.

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