Top 30 Software keywords with Highest Google AdSense $

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Instant Cash Machine is nothing but Internet's best Free Income generating opportunity. This Income opportunity is offered by Google Adsense. Today million's of people are making a handsome income every month. There are many webmasters (people who run their websites) who are earning more than $50,000 every month without any effort. Well this sounds Fishy, but its true.

Google is running 2 types of programs called Google Adwords & Google Adsense. Google Adwords are for advertisers, who advertise their Ads on Google and other websites. Today daily millions of websites, advertise their services, jobs, products, business etc on internet. To advertise through Google Adwords, Advertiser's pay Google excellent amount. In return Google too servers their Ads instantly on search engines & giving prompt service and benefit to the Advertiser.

Top Paying AdSense Keywords List??? Download shareware, freeware and Demo software for PC, Mac, Linux, and Handhelds categorized into categories, plus software reviews.

This list of top-bid, top-paying key words, using the Google Ad Words free Keyword Tool. Below, you can compare current keyword bids with old Overture bids.

1. software escrow $31.24
2. billing software $19.35
3. human resources software $17.78
4. spy sweeper $17.21
5. accounting software $15.90
6. spyware detection $15.46
7. small business software $14.87
8. inventory management software $14.38
9. pestpatrol $14.24
10. optimization software $14.19
11. webroot spy sweeper $13.83
12. payroll software $13.73
13. spam software $13.49
14. webroot spy $13.43
15. spy sweeper download $13.38
16. software mirroring $13.12
17. fundraising software $12.81
18. software configuration management $12.53
19. great plains software $12.20
20. software distribution $12.14
21. web survey software $11.97
22. backup software $11.75
23. risk management software $11.63
24. antispam software $11.53
25. software management $11.32
26. video conferencing software $11.19
27. market research software $11.04
28. business software $10.50
29. spyware removal $10.49
30. spyware remover $10.09
31. spyware blocker $10.09

If you worry, please suggest Highest paid Software Keyword that you might experience in your website, or blogsite. This is only a guide, i did not proven this keywords.

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