Google Adsense Vs Adbrite

Google Adsense Vs Adbrite
Since i Banned by Google Adsense i have no income, thats why i am looking for something like adsense, luckily i found Adbrite, us of now i just experimenting adbrite, if you have tips about google adsense or adbrite, just leave your shotout or comments , thank you very much readers...

I want to make a quick review between Adsense and Adbrite.

1. Adsense does not accept Casino, adult and Viagra sites. Adbrite does.
2. If you have a site which is high traffic like Humour where adsense your earnings is low, with adbrite your earnings will be great. Good examples: with Over 490,000 Unique visitors and with Over 620,000, Unique visitors. Those two sites are a low earning with Adsense (proved) but with adbrite their earnings are thousands of dollars per month (may be per day!)
3. Customer care, I will not say that Google Adsense does not have a good customer care, but adbrite is Great! Pud, I will congratulate you about this great support team.
4. With Google adsense you can not sell Ad space in your site, but with Adbrite you can create your own Price and Packages. Also adbrite provide you with Network ads (as Google adsense).
5. Google adsense pay monthly, Adbrite pay 60-days.
6. With Google adsense you can not play with your code, with adbrite, you can add any style that you want. Play with it!
7. You can put Adsense and Adbrite code both, Without any problem.
8. A Small note: Adbrite works great in forums ;)
9. With adbrite the seller has a great advantage showing what the site provides. As unique visitors, Page views, Origin of traffic, Avg cost per click (eCPC), Site Category, Alexa rank, Repurchase rate, Conversion Score, AdBrite since, What CPC can I expect?, Ad zone description, and much more.

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