Tips for Making $100 a day with HubPages

The good topics with adsense are finance, home tips, beauty and fitness tips, product reviews and How-To articles. So, write hubs related to these topics.
The following tips are applicable to hubpages and these are based on my own experiences. I do not guarantee you will earn $100 a day from tomorrow, but if you constantly work hard and one fine day, you will earn more than $100 a day.

1. Write a big first paragraph: Every time you write a hub, include a minimum of 150 word paragraph as the first module. This will allow you HubPages to insert a medium rectangle (336 by 250) adsense ads beside that paragraph. By having this, your visitors have a good chance of seeing the ads (without the need to scroll down) and maximum number of ads beside your main content.
2. Do not inert any images beside the first paragraph: If you want to include an image, insert just below the first paragraph. HubPages will show you the first image that you have in your hub in the Thumbnails (in the front page). Do not include any module (Links / RSS / News) beside the first paragraph.
3. Go back and review your hubs: If you do not have a first paragraph with images, or do not have a big first paragraph, then revise them all. Include a good lengthy first paragraph in all your published hubs.
4. Some topics earn more than others: The good topics with adsense are finance, home tips, beauty and fitness tips, product reviews and How-To articles. So, write hubs related to these topics Entertainment.
5. Photo galleries do not earn much: I have to make a confession here. Photo galleries do not earn much from adsense. They bring more traffic to my hubs and photo galleries do not attract clicks.
6. Text-rich hubs attract clicks: Write more text-rich hubs to get more quality adsense ads. Because, when you have only images or photo galleries, the adsense engine confuse what sort of content that is and include junk ads which earn only few micro cents per click. So, write good article sprinkled with the certain keywords across the hub to tell the adsense engine what your hub is related to.
7. Choose your title wisely: Before you lock up the title of your hub, think for a while. Is the title descriptive enough to attract visitors? Because, even though search engines rank your site based on the keyword, after all, only humans read them. So, having a catchy title helps to attract visitors from the search engine results page. Once you decide the title, search that in a popular search engine and see if you need to modify the keywords.
8. Separate your long hub into different modules: Break your long hub into different text modules. The rough guide is each text module should have a maximum of 250 words. In this way, you are giving more opportunity to insert Google Ads in the middle.
9. Monitor your adsense earnings: Do not believe in all I say. Set up separate channels (you can track upto 180 different hubs based on their URLs) to monitor which type of hubs earn more money for you. Write those kind of hubs more often.
10. Publicize your HubPage links and RSS to directories: Go and search for the directories that list websites or RSS. Add your hubpages profile page and RSS link to those directories. In this way, you attract more visitors and search engines will give more weightage to your hubpages.Check these 55 Active RSS Directories to Help Promote Your Feeds and
11. Search engine traffic matters: The people those come from the search engines are most likely to click on your ads. Because, they are the ones looking for some information or product. You need not do anything to attract search engine traffic. HubPages optimize your hubpages automatically to get more search engine traffic.
12. Tags are everything: Add at least 15 tags to your hubs. These are the keywords that describe your hub’s content. Add only relevant and good quality keywords. Published by AdSense tricks

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