How to Protect Google Adsense Account from Getting Banned

How to Protect Google Adsense Account from Getting Banned, Google_Adsense_Banned How to Protect Adsense Account from Getting Banned
Many bloggers said that as their sites are banned by Google Adsense, it will be very difficult to get reinstated (the percent of success is only 1%). So you have to be very careful and follow strictly the Google Adsense’s Terms of Services. Firstly you should read Adsense Help, this material covers almost all things you should know when using Adsense. In this article, I will provide some advices from my own experience to prevent Adsense ban.

1. Don’t click on your own ads, and also don’t encourage your friends or your visitors to click on them. However, it is OK if you click on your ads by accident because according to Google Team, infrequent accidental clicks will not get you into trouble.
Sometimes, you may be sabotaged. You should check your Adsense status frequently to discover it. Some people can use a third party application to create a series of invalid clicks with purpose of getting your site banned. If you notice any suspicious clicks of this nature, Google Adsense encourages you to report it to them and remove this ad immediately.  
2. Don’t publicize your Adsense’s earning information. If you want to publish it, don’t expose detailed information including your Adsense account, CTR, eCPM, number of clicks, and exact earnings numbers.
3. Do not make any changes in your Adsense code. Go to Manage Ads section in you account if you want to change your Ads’ settings, don’t do it manually.
4. Avoid insertion of AdSense code on pages containing ads from Google’s competitors such as Yahoo Publishers Network, Adbrite…
5. Don’t use any traffic exchange to boost your site’s traffic. Traffic generated from these programs is not considered as real for AdSense, and might be a reason for the ban.
6. Never place Adsense Ads on pages containing copyrighted materials without permission. Note – copyright laws applies to videos, including embedded youTube videos, as well as text and images. Based on youTube’s policy, you should first get permission from the content owners before embedding their video into your online articles or website.
7. Never use multiple Adsense accounts. Google allows only one Adsense account per person or entity.
8. Don’t put Adsense ads on the Adsense’s search result pages.
9. Ads should be easily distinguishable from surrounding content. This screenshot shows an implementation that does not follow this rule.

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