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Before submission of your sitemap to search engines you have to submit site to search engines first and now if you have submit your site or blogs to major search engines then your site or blog will be indexed by the search engines but if you create any new content in your blogs or in websites then you have to be tells to the search engines for updating your content so the purpose of submission of sitemap is basically tells to search engines about your updated content so you can submit your sitemap to major search engines for that. Now I am discuss that how to submit sitemap to major search engines as Google, Yahoo, MSN, ASK, AOL, Altvista, Bing etc. Lets we started with Google.

If you use the above sitemaps for your blogger blogspot then google will index your maximum of 26 posts but if you have more than 26 posts then your posts which will be greater than 26 posts will not be indexed by google so you can use the below code for multipurpose whatever your post are less than or greater than 26 posts google will index your all posts.

Click on 1. Add a site and in the 2.URL field type your blogger URL and then click on 3. Continue. After click on Continue button you will see a screen for ownership of your blog or site as you can see in the below preview and follow the easy steps.

Now choose 1. Add a meta tag to your site's home page and 2. copy the meta code and then go to Blogger Dashboard --> Design --> Edit HTML --> do tick on Expand Widget Templates and then find [ using ctrl + F ] and paste the meta tags just after and save template.
Now again go to the owner ship page in Google and then click on Verify. Now if you have done correctly all things then you will be verified by Google.
Now click on your URL --> Site Configuration (See left panel) --> Sitemaps --> click on Submit a Sitemap and now put the below code.


and now click on Submit Sitemap and after some times if you done all these steps correctly then you will see a green tick in in the status of your feed. Now after some days you can see the effect in your webmaster tools and how many pages google are indexing you can see in the sitemap section. You done !

** please note the above code means is that start-index=1 means google will start indexing from the very newest post and max-results=500 means google will indexing your posts upto 500 posts. [newest posts --> older posts ]. You can check by simply write your blog feed url to your browser as

what does you see? It will see the third post from your newest post and upto fourth post.

*** please note this sitemap is for bloggers who have less than 500 posts. If you have more than 500 posts then no problem you can additionally add your second sitemap for indexing your posts by adding,


The above code means that google will starts indexing of your posts from 501 to the next 500 posts i.e., totally up to 1000 posts.

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