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The comment section of both Blogger and WordPress are NO FOLLOW. Why? This is set this way to prevent spammers flooding any blog, specially to those who are not aware of the technical aspect of blogging. I will let you in a little secret.. there are bloggers or internet marketers who are looking for blogs whose comment section is DO FOLLOW. No idea what is the difference between No Follow and Do Follow? read more about DO Follow VS No Follow here. These marketers search the internet for comment section that are DO FOLLOW.. and making your comment section a DO FOLLOW will gain you a little more traffic than usual.
How to make Blogger blog comment section DO FOLLOW?
  • Go to your dashboard then go to DESIGN
  • Edit you HTML setting but first check the box that says: Expand Widget Templates
  • Press Control F to your keyboard then find the phrase: data:comment.authorUrl’ rel=’nofollow’
  • Change the phrase rel=’nofollow’ to rel=’dofollow’ this will change the attribute of the back links in the comment section.
It does not end there.. to make your blog more attractive to marketers, here’s what you can do:
  • Go to your dashboard and then settings.
  • Go to COMMENTS
  • On the Comment Form Message (scroll down a bit) write something like this: This is a PR3 blog with DO FOLLOW comment section. Comments are moderated.
  • You can also display a badge in your sidebar that says your blog is DO FOLLOW.
How to make WordPress blog comment section DO FOLLOW?
  • Go to your dashboard and click PLUG INS then ADD NEW
  • Search for the plug in: DO FOLLOW, install then activate.
  • Yes, that easy!
Now, to make your blog more inviting to spammers (aka traffic), try changing the phrase in the comment section
  • First look for a single post in your blog then scroll down to the comment section, copy and save the phrase in your comment section (mine says: leave a reply)
  • Go to Appearance then EDITOR, then COMMENTS.
  • Search for the phrase you copied and then change it to a better and more inviting phrase: This is a PR3 blog with DO FOLLOW comment section. Comments are moderated.
Take note that I intentionally use the words PR3, DO FOLLOW, comment section.. since this are the words that most marketers and blog spammers commenter search on the net. If your blog is not PR3, you can just put: Comment section is DO FOLLOW.

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