Google Adsense Tips You should Know!

Million to Billions people have integrated Adsense with their websites in the hope of being the next success story. However they are not generating nearly as much money as they might have expected simply because they don't know how to utilise such a great tool.

Top Ten Google Adsense Tips 2011
Number 1.1 - Focus on a Niche Topic

Niche topics generally work better than websites based around larger topics. The ads made on niche topics are going to be be more relevant to your topic. The more relevant to your topic the more likely someone is going to click on it.

For me for example I'm hoping that the ads that this site presents will be related to setting up a online business!

Number 2.2- More Traffic

You need more and more people to visit your website everyday because the more people the better chance of someone clicking on your ads.

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Number 3.3- Intelligent Placement

Ad placement seems to be the hot topic this year. Why? Because it's important!

When you go into a website you make your mind up about whether you want to stay in it in the first 2 seconds. If you cannot differentiate the text from the ads then there is a problem.

You need to place your ads in a tidy manner and make sure that they are easily identified.

Here is what google recommend when choosing ad placement: (the darker coloured areas represent hot spots)

However you need to experiment with different placements to optimise ad revenue.

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Please Take a Look at The Picture, You can find the Answer to your Quistion!
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Number 4.4 -Experiment with different Designs

Layouts... Design....

It's talked about a lot and I feel is not completely understood by everyone. Simply because there is not one simple answer. Your ad's have to fit into your site. You need to change your design and layouts to optimise your ad placement.

Number 5.5 - Filter irrelevant ads

You want your ads to be as relevant to your topic choice as possible. If you see an ad that are not relevant you are potentially blocking revenue. So get rid off them!

Number 6.6 - Colour integration

When you design your ads you have the option to change the colour. Changing your ad colour might seem like such a small thing... But it could make a big difference. I recommend to try and avoid clashing colours and try and pick colours that match your website design colours.

Number 7.7 - Keyword targeting

Your ads will be relevant to the pages on your website. The more keywords that you focus on the more traffic that you will attract. Which means there is a bigger chance someone will click on your ads.

Number 8.8 - Only put ads with rich content

Sometimes I go into a website and see literally the page covered in ads. (Adsense terms and conditions only allow 3 units of ads) With a tiny bit of original content at the bottom. I take one look and then go out of the website. Try to resist making a page with only a sentence or two and then adding a ad unit. Your ads need to be next to quality content.

Number 9.9- Experiment with text and image ads

Dont restrict yourself to one type of ad. Try out some image based ads along with some text ads. Sometimes image ads work better than text... Keep experimenting and you will find out whats best for you.

Number 10.10- Google Analytics

You now have the ability to link up a google analytics account to your website. This is such a useful tool! You can see how people use your website. There is lots of data that you can look at, for example what pages get the most hits.

By looking at the data you can work out why certain pages are getting traffic and apply your knowledge to other pages on your site.

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