Google AdSense Ad Formatting Tips - Video

How can I customize the way my ads look?

AdSense lets you select the ad colors, types, and sizes that best fit your site.

Ad Colors
Select from our list of pre-defined ad styles or create your own. Custom ad styles let you make sure that the ad text, background, and border colors complement your website. You can create as many custom ad styles as you want. We also provide detailed suggestions for choosing ad styles that will be most effective for your site.

Ad Types
Text ads, image ads, and rich media ads are examples of ad types that may appear on your page. You can choose what ad type you'd like to display when creating or editing an ad unit and also set default ad type preferences for your account.

Ad Sizes
You can choose from multiple ad sizes designed to suit a wide variety of page designs. Examples of each size are available on the Ad Formats page.

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