What is Google AdSense Coverage?

Becky Sharpe Ask a Quistion: I've noticed this new metric in the new AdSense interface and can't understand what it is meant to represent. For example, today the percentage for Content is 69.64% and the percentage for Search 100%. I've searched to FAQ's but nothing makes much sense to me. Any clarification would be very welcome.

Best answers by Engineer Guillaume: Hi Becky, This is a good question. Unfortunately the documentation is not complete yet, so here is a temporary explanation: Coverage is the percentage of ad unit impressions or queries that showed ads: - A coverage of 100% means that AdSense was always able to provide ads to match the content of the page (Content) or the query keywords (Search). - A coverage of less than 100% means that AdSense was not able to find ads for some ad units or search queries, which didn't show ads as a result. Hope this helps, Guillaume

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