What is Google AdSense Page RPM?

What is RPM and what is its effect on my adsense earning?

Best answer by gddsmith:

It's page revenue per 1000 ad unit impressions. If you go to the Performance report & click the ? mark to the right of the RPM up by the graph it explains it.

When you click RPM on the performance report for the last 7 days it simply rearranges the order. The default of the list to start is by date, when you click RPM it rearranges the list in order of the highest to lowest RPM, click RPM again & it will rearrange it in lowest to highest order.

RPM has no effect on earnings, it's simply a calculation of how much you would earn for 1000 impressions based on the earnings & page views you actually had.

RPM = Actual estimated earnings divided by ad unit impressions received times 1000

Note that if you are viewing ad impressions it gives you the RPM which is based on ad unit impressions/queries, if you are viewing Page Views it gives you Page RPM which is based on the number of page views instead of ad unit impressions. Therefore Page RPM is what was called Page eCPM in the old interface.

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