Picasa Uploading Picture – Server rejected

Here's the solution tip/advice to your problem. my photo blog won't upload photos! all images are being rejected by the server. any other solutions?

The problem has nothing to do really with which editor you are using as some forum replies may suggest. That may fix the problem for one or two images but you will be back in the same boat soon unless you deal with an issue at Picasa..

The problem is that the photo album at Picasa where your photos have been getting stored is now full and Picasa, for whatever reason, has not automatically generated a new album. The best thing to do is go to Picasa and manually create a new album then upload a couple pictures to it. After that you should be able to start uploading images again and will be able to until that album is full. Then you repeat the process.

Picasa Uploading Picture – Server rejected, server rejected message.jpg
The worst case scenario is that you have to upload your images to Picasa directly then in the New Editor when you want to upload an image you go to that Picasa album and get the image you just uploaded, but I have not had to do that so far except with the 1st image or two to get the ball rolling.

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