Justin Bieber Love Quotes

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Justin Bieber best quotes and sayings

Justin Bieber Love Quotes

“I have crushes, but they’re all too old. Like Beyonce -she has a husband, I might get shot. I went up to give Beyonce a hug at the Grammy’s and Jay-Z said, watch out buddy! He was kidding, but you know…”

“I’m telling you, people. Everyday we wake up is another blessing. Follow your dreams and don’t let anyone stop you. Never say never.”

“I really don’t believe in abortion. It’s like killing a baby?”

“It would be a shame to go out with a hot girl you can’t have a decent conversation with!”

“There are lots of things I really like besides girls. Like pizza. And pranking. And CHUCK NORRIS.”

“Two people can look at the same thing and see it differently..”

“I want my world to be fun. No parents, no rules, no nothing. Like, no one can stop me. No one can stop me.”

“I want girls to hear my music and want to play it again because it made their hearts feel good.”

“I always thank God for giving me this opportunity and for blessing me with this talent.”

“I love that my fans are so devoted, because without them i wouldn’t have this opportunity.”

“My fans will grow up with me.”

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