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Why this message appeared on my Facebook Account? "Facebook Your account is temporarily Locked." How To Open?

We don't recognize the device you're using. Please answer a few securtiy question to keep your account safe.

Facebook Your account is temporarily Locked.jpg, https://www.facebook.com/checkpoint/

A) May be Facebook making an improvement in the database and the account get "Locked" are stored on. During this time,it may not be able to gain access to the account. It may last for an hours. If this doesn't work, try submitting Facebook form.

B) May be Facebook has detected suspicious activity and has temporarily suspended due to security precaution.

C) Randomly adding large number of friends and sending continuously message to your friend list. Due to which unknown friend has detected as a spam or reported abuse. If in a bulk large number of people report abuse or spam then it may also get locked temporarily.

D) May be randomly using different devices to open a Facebook account.

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