How long does it take for Google Adsense to review my application?

How long does it take for Google Adsense to review my application?

In some countries your site must be active for at least 6 months when you apply.

However, the actual review should be completed within a week after you put ads on your site.

Are you sure you have implemented the ad code correctly?

Update: Friday i received this from Google AdSense team:

REMOVAL OF GOOGLE BRANDING: As stated in our program policies, AdSense publishers are not permitted to modify the AdSense for search code in any manner, including removing the Google branding from the search box.

Action required: Check account for compliance

When i receive this message i am in the office! the thing is i cannot open the dashboard of my blog, my boss is in my side watching and advicing our projects for submission of cad-words, pdf and microstation. After eight hours of works, i rush to go home early, but when i am on the way going home heavy traffic shack me... o my gush...

After four hours of traffic finally i eat and watch the tv (i am so happy) its checking time!!!!

Two hours of cleaning of my blog.

Wednesday i receive the email from Google AdSense Team,


Thank you for making the requested changes to your site in order to comply with our policies. After thoroughly reviewing, we have now re-enabled ad serving to this site.

Because ad serving to your site was temporarily disabled, you many notice a delay of up to 48 hours or more before ads begin appearing on your site again. We appreciate your patience and cooperation.


The Google AdSense Team

Your Welcome Google AdSense Team!!!

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