How to Hide “ads by nuffnang” Logo

Hello googler.. our topic today is about “ads by nuffnang footer sigature (How to remove, How to delete.) I am, giving you a simple tricks to remove the logo.

Personally, the logo looks ugly, that's a NuffNang signature, adding thier logo can have a more space.

Here's the simple code.

in a blogger template Option One

/* Remove Nuffnang footer*/
#nnadsfoot img {display: none;}

Post the code above anywhere in your style.css or <style type='text/css'> (your default theme) and you’re good to go!

in blogger and wordpress template Option Two

Find first this code:

Then paste this code:
#nnadsfoot img {display: none;}

Before </b:skin.>
#nnadsfoot img {display: none;}

I’ve read the entire TOS, but couldn’t find anything that will get me sued for the above code.

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Check out the ouput here:


Apparently the guys at NuffNang are working hard to combat this grey act. They modified their codes to keep displaying their logo, so did I, to prevent the logo from appearing.

Finally were done.

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