Guide to Increase Website Revenue, How to Apply High Paying Keywords

Guide to Increase Website Revenue, How to Apply High Paying Keywords, index, seo_increase_traffic How To Use Top Paying AdSense Keywords To Increase AdSense Revenue
A high paying keyword is a keyword that has a high bid price. Keywords are bid on to increase the ad placement of an ad. The more money that an ad costs for each click, the higher the priority will be for that ad to be placed higher over ads that have a lower cost per click.

For example: lawyers or attorney keywords have a significantly higher cost per click than, say, cars or auto keywords. Basically, if you create a website or a blog that is built around high paying keywords, then the pay per click ads on the site will increase the websites revenue for each ad click.

This potentially means more money in your pocket each time that a visitor to the website clicks on one of the pay per click ads. Here is a basic break down on how to use high paying keywords to increase a websites revenue.

Finding High Paying Keywords
The very fist step is to find the high paying keywords. There are different websites that claim to have the highest paying keywords that will increase a websites revenue., or you can build your own list (better). Some starting points:

•Either do a search for "high paying keywords" or "High paying Adsense keywords".
•Copy the high paying keywords and paste then into the computers notepad or a document and save it for future use.
•Use the Google Keyword Generator to expand the list.
The generator will return a list of keywords that are separated by click price and visitor stats. The Google Keyword Generator is a very successful tool for finding high paying keywords, and can be used on sites of content, or with a starting list of words.

Just enter the title of the website, or keyword list into the keyword generator box and hit the "Search" button. There is also an option to download the high paying keywords from the Google Keyword Generator.

Using this approach should generate fresh, popular, high paying, keywords.
Using High Paying Keywords in the Website Title
The same rule applies for the title keywords as it does in basic keyword optimization. The title of the website needs to be created around a high paying keyword. This is the beginning process of optimizing the website with the high paying keywords. The title of the website should be centered around the keyword.

•Example: Lawyers and Attorneys are considered high paying keywords so a good title would be "How to Find Criminal Lawyers online" or "How to find the Best Divorce Attorneys in Your Area". See how the high paying keywords "Lawyers" and "Attorneys" are centered around the article title. In other words, the content of the website will be created around the high paying keyword title.
Using High Paying Keywords in the Website Description
The search engines pay close attention to a websites description when crawling and ranking the website. The high paying keywords of the website title also need to be found in the website description at least once depending on the amount of content in the website description. Do not get crazy and try to include to many keywords in a little amount of content. This is considered keyword stuffing and the search engines really frown on this. As long as the high paying keyword of the website title can be found at least once in the website description, then it will be fine.

Using High Paying Keywords in the Website Content
Optimizing the website content with the high paying keywords is one of the most important aspects of the keyword optimization process.

•The key to optimizing the website content with the high paying keywords is to try and include the keywords enough times to come up with a keyword density of between 2% and 5%. Anything over these percentages is considered keyword stuffing.
•As long as the title keywords are strategically placed throughout the content to come up with the 2% and 5% density percentages, then the content should be optimized properly. There are hundreds of keyword density checking tools all over the internet that can be used to check the density of the website. Just do a search for "Free keyword density checking tool" and go from there.
Continue to use the keyword density checking tool to tweak the keyword density of the website content.

Tagging the Website and Photos With High Paying Keywords
Tagging a website with high paying keywords is the process of adding the keywords to the keyword section of the website.

•The best method for adding the best keyword tags is to find matching and related keywords to the high paying keywords that the website is created around. Example: Think about what you would put in the search engine search bar to find your website.
•If the title of the site is "How to find Divorce Lawyers Online", then the tags should include; Divorce lawyers, how to find divorce lawyers, best divorce lawyers and how to find the best divorce lawyers in my area, Etc. The closer that the website is tagged with matching and related keywords, the higher the search engine ranking will be for the website. Add as many matching and related keyword tags to the tag section of the website to increase the websites search engine ranking and the websites overall performance.
•Photo tagging is exactly what it says. Always add photos to the website and include the website title above or under the website as the caption. The search engines also look at photo tagging when ranking websites.
The bottom line to using high paying keywords to increase a websites revenue is to make sure that the website title is created around a high paying keyword. Then, once that the website content has been properly optimized with the high paying keywords and the tagging process is complete, the pay per click ads on the website will now start generating ads based on the website content.

Basically, a website that is created with high paying keywords will produce high paying pay per click ads. Combine this with a well optimized website which will produce a higher search engine ranking and thousands of more visitors to the website and the site will start generating more revenue than ever before.

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