Justin Bieber 'Baby' surpasses half-billion Views, Likes on YouTube

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17 years old Canadian pop/R&B singer-songwriter and actor Justin Drew Bieber receive a Half-Billion (near to 1 Billion) likes, views on YouTube Channel by VEVO Music Evolution Revolution!. As of Today Manila time 12:29 am Justin Bieber - Baby ft. Ludacris Music video got views of 501,181,239 , 580,625 likes, 1,157,760 dislikes.

Teenage musician Justin Bieber will see his music video Baby surpass 500 million views on YouTube today or tomorrow, making it the first video ever to do so. Bieber's Baby is now far ahead of Lady Gaga's Bad Romance, which is #2 at 360 million. Only 4 other videos on the site have been viewed even half as much as Baby.

Where Bieber dominates the most, however, is in how much his videos are disliked by YouTube viewers. YouTube doesn't provide the option of viewing by most disliked but we analyzed the 150 most viewed videos and here's the harsh truth: Bieber stars in 5 of the top 6 most disliked videos on the site. The #1 most disliked video on YouTube is Baby, with 1.1 million dislikes. That's an incredible amount of dislike! In fact, it's 1 million more dislikes that the #2 most disliked video on the site - Bieber's Never Say Never, which has just under 100 thousand dislikes. netflix

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