Picture: Twitoaster shutting down this Sunday

Twitoaster shutting down this Sunday [SCREENSHOTS], twitoaster_shutting_down_this_Sunday_nugglepurl PICTURE: Time to unplug the toaster: Twitoaster shutting down netflix
As of March 21 Manila time 1:06 am Twitoaster is Down.

From product goals to technical stuff, there are many areas where Twitoaster needs to evolve and to be improved. And I unfortunately don’t have the time anymore to work on all of this. So this Sunday (March 20th):
  • The Twitoaster API will be totally shut down (read & write). Any external service relying on it will obviously cease to function (i.e. Twitoaster WordPress plugin). Please note this also includes the feeds!
  • The website will remain accessible in a “read-only status” for some time. That means you’ll still be able to access your threaded timelines, conversations, rankings… but nothing will be updated anymore and you won’t be able to login with your #twitter account.
I really wanted to thank you guys again for using Twitoaster. Take a last bite in the toasts while they’re still hot. I’ll update this post when I’ll actually unplug the toaster.

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