Google Doodle: Firts Day of Summer by Takashi Murakami, 2011 [PHOTO]

Google Doodle Welcomes First Day of Summer & Winter With Takashi Murakami Doodles.

Google commemorate June 21 is the first day of summer (in the Northern Hemisphere), and Google is commemorating it with a bright logo by contemporary Japanese artist Takashi Murakami, who is celebrated for his so-called Superflat style that echoes Japanese animation and blends whimsical colors with--at times--dark themes.

The logo is bright, flowery, and colorful, fittingly, but is a non-traditional way to celebrate summer for Google. And does anyone else find the right head, which resembles a vampiric Stewie Griffin on an LSD trip, very creepy?

Summer solstice commemorated with Google doodle by Takashi Murakami see the picture..

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