Guide to earn 10-50 Dollars Per Day from Google Adsense Ads

Are your curious to know how to earn 10 dollars Up a day in Google Adsense? Google adsense is the main money making program most of the bloggers use initially. Unfortunately it doesn’t work how you expect. I still remember those days I used to check my adsense earning every one hour to see whether anyone clicked my ads and how much I earned, Did you knew what happen, i receive a banned letter.. that my first time in blogging. hahaha..

Most of the time, it disappointed me. I’m sure most of the newbie bloggers will be doing the same thing. Then, I started investigating the time and work involved in earning 10 dollars daily from adsense. I found nice suggestions in internet for my doubt. In this post let me explain how to earn 10 dollars per day from adsense- its from my experience.

The interesting suggestion I found is, creating 10-50 blogsite/websites which can make 1 dollar per day, so at end of the day you earn 10-50 dollars daily from adsense. Sounds Cool? hey thats true, but who will create 10 websites?. Making 10-50 dollars per day is very much possible with your single existing blog or website.

The No.1 "Your niche and keywords are very important."
Your blog should have high paying keywords. Your each click must bring 1 to 3 dollars per click, that would be great keyword selection for make money from adsense. Some ads will bring 0.01 dollar too. Finally the average earning per click can be 1 to 3 dollars by good niche keyword selection. read this article about niche.

The No.2 "Your blog may require around 3000 visits via search engines daily."
What a 3000 visitor hahaha you knew this site got only two visitor per day, thats cool. Organic traffic is very important to make money from adsense. As per our earlier calculation mentioned in this post, your blog require around 2900 search engine visits and 4900 Page views totally daily to reach 10 dollars daily.

The No.3 "Use above the fold ad placement."
The Guide: No matter how many ads you are using in your blog, make sure at least one ad is placed above the fold. ‘Above the fold’ is the place any visitors see without using scrolling bar in internet browser. I think the ad with 300×250 or 336×260 below head line and above (or wrapped by) content works better for high CTR and eCPM. Google serves high paying ads to the ad slot which is loading first in a blog. So, make sure to utilize this ad slot well to earn your 10 dollars daily from adsense.

3000 daily visits via search engine can be different for each blog depends content, ad placement and niche/keyword selection. If you have high paying keyword and getting good search engine traffic for particular keyword, then may be two or three clicks enough to earn 10 dollars daily.

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