How to be a Adsense Premium Publisher?

Best Way to Become Adsense Premium Publisher and Earn More. Advantage of Premium Publisher are they can place 4 adds in one page.

Adsense Premium Publishers enjoy a 5- star experience and you can know more about Adsense Premium in one of my previous posts. Compiling a List of Adsense Premium Publishers, here I am with 15 Adsense Premium Publishers (growing).

Knowledge Fact : Adsense Premium have separate login URL.

PS : This post seems to as simple as just writing the links but behind this post is great work . I have manually checked if these sites use Adsense Premium or not. There is no such list of Adsense Premium Publishers online, so I though to come up with one. All the links above have been checked by me for Adsense Premium. Adsense can change its policie anytime so the above sites can be Normal Adsense Publisher too. But as per the criterion and my personal research , all the above sites are Premium Adsense Publishers.Please reward my hard work with Facebook Share or/and Tweet.

2 The basic criteria to become a Adsense Premium Publisher is :

5 Million search queries per month


20 Million content page views per month

Customised Ad Format

Adsense Premium Publishers have a main benefit of customising Adsense ads according to their own wish. They can create a custom size of ad , change its colour , change the text color and much more changes. They can create the apt size for their websites giving website a much organised look. While many people try to copy such ad formats by editing Adsense code, they land up in disabling their Adsense accounts as editing Adsense code is against the TOS of Google Adsense.

The below ad format seems to be a little unique, isn’t it. But yes, Ads by Google assures that it is a Google Adsense Ads. I found this on Digital Inspiration blog, being Premium Adsense Publisher, blog is allowed to add custom size of Google Adsense Ads.

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